FAROS 7 in Black Housing

Port - Starboard - Stern - Masthead - Bicolor Lights

The Faros 7 series of navigation lights, Including masthead, side and stern lights, is ideal mainly for powerboats up to 7m. They are waterproof, non corrosion and non magnetic. 

Material: Made of nylon fibre mix housing and shatterproof plexiglass (PMMA) lens. 

Housing: Available in black housing. 

Seal: Nitrile water resistant. 

Installation: Vertical & horizontal mounted. They are mounted on the surfaces with wall plugs. Navigation lights with wall plug have the advantage that they are much easier to mount and you only need to open one hole. This range is provided with a two sided adhesive tape and flange, which by sticking it on the surface you know exactly where to open the hole and the flange is already in the correct place. 

Visible distance: Port - Starboard - Bicolor: 1nm / Stern - Masthead: 2nm. 

Contacts: Brass. Bulb (included): 12V / 5W


  1. Remove the protective paper from the self adhesive flange
  2. Attach the flange at the point you want to place the light and open the holes using a drill
  3. Pass the wires through the lower hole and fit the light’s rawl plugs in the side holes
  4. Screw until the rawl plugs are secured 

ID Image Code Description
233 30861

FAROS 7 Starboard Green Light side mount 112,5° 

232 30862

FAROS 7 Port Red Light deck mount 112,5° 

231 30863

FAROS 7 Stern White Light 135°

230 30864

FAROS 7 Masthead White Light 225° 

229 30865

FAROS 7 Bi-color Light 225 degree

228 31051

FAROS 7 Starboard Green Light deck mount 112,5°, Horizontal

227 31052

FAROS 7 Port Red Light deck mount 112,5°  Horizontal