Pole Lights With Black House

According to the COLREG 72, all pole lights should be placed higher than the sidelights. Thus, it is easier for other boats to calculate their position in relation to your position and direction. Furthermore, a light positioned lower maybe obscured by other objects or people. The Lalizas range of pole lights includes telescopic, folding, plug in and fixed, thus meeting all requirements. This type of pole lights may be used on sailing boats less than 20m (tri colour) or on powerboats less than 12m (white), instead of small all round lights. Material: Made of marine grade stainless steel 316 tubing with ABS plastic, polycarbonate lens and nitrite O ring sealed light and a fibre nylon mix base. Housing: Available in black and white housing.Installation: Pole lights are positioned in such a way that they are higher than the sidelights and may be screwed into position. Depending on the model, you can adjust the height of the light. Five lengths of Lalizas pole lights are available which vary between 23cm and 130cm. Visible distance: 2nm Bulb (included): 12V / 10W.

ID Image Code Description
183 30143

Pole Light Telescopic 54cm

182 30153

Pole Light Folding 64cm

181 30163

Pole Light Plug in 54cm

180 30174

Pole Light Folding 23cm

179 30204

Pole Light Tri-Color Folding 64cm

178 30214

Pole Light Tri-Color Folding 23cm

177 30224

Pole Light Tri-Color Telescopic 54cm

176 30234

Pole Light Tri-Color Plug in 54cm

175 30243

Pole Light White Plug in 105cm

174 30254

Pole Light Tri-color plug in 105cm

173 30263

Pole Light White Plug in 130cm