Made of light alloy. Provided with head plastic protection. Folding model for easy storage when not required. Single packing in a plastic bag. 

Use Instructions

  1. Hold foresight in left hand with arm fully extended
  2. Hold the signalling mirror in right hand toward the sunlight, facing the back of the mirror
  3. Align the holes of the foresight and the mirror on the target
  4. Move mirror until the reflection of the sun from the mirror can be seen on the foresight and a shadow point appears in its hole
  5. The ray is now directed at the target

ID Image Code Description
11 35000

Radar Reflector R.O.R.C 18" 340 x 340 x 470 mm

9 97638

Radar Reflector Standard 12" 215 x 215 x 300 mm

10 97639

Radar Reflector R.O.R.C 16" 300 x 300 x 415 mm