Code: 71328

LALIZAS Self Contained Breathing Apparatus SOLAS/MED 9L 300bar

The LALIZAS SOLAS/MED Self Contained Breathing Apparatus is a high-performance industrial breathing apparatus, designed to offer maximum respiratory protection to the user during entrance or escape from a hazardous environment. This SOLAS/MED -approved SCBA offers reliability and comfort and its key features are:

- open circuit on demand positive pressure Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
- anatomic carbon fibers composite material back frame with harness for perfect and easy donning
- both back frame and harness are flame retardant, waterproof and antistatic
- with warning whistle providing a continuous sound of high intensity (>90Db) warning the user that the air is dropping down.
- packed in heavy duty plastic carrying suitcase

The SCBA contains the following parts:

    - Breathing apparatus carrier with harness
    - Pressure regulator with gauge & whistle
    - Pressure & air flow regulator
    - Breathing apparatus facemask
    - Compressed air cylinder
    - Compressed air cylinder valve, 300bar